I am looking forward to walk the red carpet at the Erotic Award Show in Athens on 5th of May 🙂 ..(and maybe get an award?? 😊)

My friend Dimitris organizing this amazing event in cooperation with his popular television and production in Greece – Sirina .

All Greeks know Sirina and really like their movies with hot girls (and boys) 😎

I cant wait for this event, its going to be awesome nights with many actors invited, including my friend Rocco Szifredi (I guess we all know the name) 🙂

Flying tomorrow, I am just packing my luggage, still havent decided for the dress 😆🤔🙄.

Oh, and they invited Prezident Trump as Well 🤔😀

You are all welcome to the Tae Kwon Do Olympic stadium in Athens. Its going to be big 😉😎

Get the tickets: Award Show Tickets

Your Carla