Hand signed Fleshlight – Carla Cox molded vagina


Fleshlight is the exact mold of my vagina and it is the absolute most realistic vaginal intercourse sensation possible. Only a few pornstars in the world had the honor to became the Fleshlight Girl, the model for the #1 male masturbator in the world 🙂

The Fleshlight material is a company secret covered by a series of US patents. No other sex products are built with the same feel and durability as the Fleshlight. Words can not explain this one of a kind product!

Enjoy my pussy 🙂





The absolute most realistic vaginal intercourse sensation possible. Beginning with our smooth ultra tight entry, then blossoming into a slightly wider, more comfortable canal, the Lotus is exactly like its human counterpart.

All in all, if you love to have the erotic feeling and many orgasms during one night, you should purchase this awesome fake vagina signed by Carla Cox. This pussy has the same shape as the vagina of real Carla Cox.



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