Author: Carla Cox

Love Sicily

This beautiful island became the point of my interest for this Summer’s holidays. It’s been 5 years since I was there for a shooting around Catania and I wanted to explore the other parts this time. I have traveled around the whole island starting from west to east. For my surprise, the beaches were full of colorful umbrellas with thousands of people(and nobody even topples). I heard later, Italians like to take their vacation at the same two weeks. “The same two weeks ? My weeks? Oh Gooooood no :D. ” I wanted to shoot some porn.. ehm, erotic...

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Vacanza Time :)

How are you doing everyone? Having a sunny happy Summer time? Not everybody is so lucky, I believe. We are having really mild/shitty weather in Czech republic. It can’t compete the last year’s tropical days. I was lucky I could spent some days in New York and Montreal, where I been at the online industry conference, but came back to 10 degrees at night? What? I decided to take vacation and head back towards the sunny rays 🙂 I won’t tell you which place I choosed but you can guess when i post some naked ass pics from there...

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Welcome to my website!

Hello everyone, I am pleased to welcome you on my new version of Many of you reached me on my email looking to buy my hand signed cards, posters, clothes, Fleshlight pussy, or just to tell me something nice. I created this site so I can interact with my fans on the blog, share more pictures from my life and give you the possibility to buy something from my collection. Enjoy and let me know how you like my baby. xoxo Carla  ...

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